• Richard N. Haass
    Richard N. Haass
    President of Council on Foreign Relations

  • Marcus Noland
    Marcus Noland
    Executive Vice President & Director of Studies,Peterson Institute for International Economics

  • Jin Jingyi
    Jin Jingyi
    Professor, Peking University

  • Jeong Se-Hyun
    Jeong Se-Hyun
    Former Minister of Unification

  • Kim Yeon- Chul
    Kim Yeon- Chul
    Minister of Unification, Republic of Korea

  • Georgy Toloraya
    Georgy Toloraya
    Director of Asian Strategy Center, Russian Academy of Sciences

  • Soeya Yoshihide
    Soeya Yoshihide
    Professor of Political Science & International Relations, Keio University

  • Yang Moon-Soo
    Yang Moon-Soo
    Vice President, University of North Korea Studies

  • Pham Van Duc
    Pham Van Duc
    Vice-President of Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences

  • Kim Ji-yoon
    Kim Ji-yoon
    Host, MBC’s 100 Minute Discussion & Former Senior Researcher at Asan Institute for Policy Studies

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